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I liked the style of the game. The graphics were very well done as well as the great halloween colors. I enjoyed the long, but repetitive gameplay despite a few little problems with the menu, and enemy leveling up as you level up. Great game Ludy! Enjoyed it a lot- Drz

Cool Game

Loved the sound effects when Osama was hit by the bacteria! I also liked the assault rifle sound...satisfying. Cool game, liked it a lot, keep makin em Paranoia- DrZ

Paranoia responds:

Wow, the guy I got the Audio Portal track from! You keep them coming too, man.

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well this is yet another example why you're a maestro and I'm a dr. lol, great music as always, nice beat, nice pace, great instruments, good choice of words in your song description, lol. Overall great job as always! [)rZ

MaestroRage responds:

Hey even Maestro's need to go to doctors from time to time! In any case, I'm glad you liked the piece, it's one of my personal favs at the moment :D.

I realize you have a new piece out DrZ, and i've listened to it infact, but i've had no time to leave a review lately, i'll do so very soon I promise.

In any case, thanks for the review, once again i'm glad you liked it!


This song is a very well done song and very cool sounding!

Positives-First off, I liked the opening with the strings and the bell, made it sound very serious and "ambitious", no pun intended. I liked the the beat of the song and the timpini, how do you do that, lol? I liked the violins that faded in later in the song. I liked the abrupt end and the bell ( again ). I also liked the usage of the horns, made the song sound epic, which is you style and really well done!

Negatives- Lone string section didn't without any of the background wasn't amazing but still probably your style- made the song sound just as good! If you call that a negative...Hah, lol.

Not to rectify yours but this song deserves a 5/5 and I'm smashin it down...

Also where do you get those samples, and what program(s) do you use to make this great stuff?!

Great Job again!-DrZ

MaestroRage responds:

Ah, that long string section... how I debated if it should be in there, again and again. In truth that segment was the most layered at first! However I decided that there should be a part calm enough to allow contrast between the vocal part near the end. So I actually cut off literally 5 layers from that segment and left it how it was.

As for the samples and programs, I used:

Fruity Studio 6 (Sequencing, mixing, major equalizing)
SoundForge (refining, ie. minor equalizing, effects, volume control)
MSPaint (For when I get bored...)

VST's I used (plugins that Fruity Studio's can use)

Edirol Orchestral
- Blaring horns
- The spiccato strings near the end
- Reverse Cymbol

East West Symphonic Gold Edition
- Cello Quick Stabs
- Violin Quick Stabs
- Double Bow Cello
- Solo Violin
- Timpini
- French Horns
- Cello Section
- Chimes (bells)
- Low Bass Strings

SoundFont Irene (I forget her last name)
- Vocal

I think thats all of it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for the review DrZ, i'm glad you enjoyed the piece ^^.


First off the beginning was pretty cool and the opening of the piano, I liked, however don't know if it was really a happy song or not, lol. There was also another problem where you might have tried to jam too many notes in one section with the piano. I thought it sounded pretty awesome until there was that stutter of notes by the piano. Anyway I liked it, not a bad start towards classical shtuff boomsquad- DrZ

boomsquad responds:

Well, it sounds fairly happy to me, ha ha. Listening back on it now the first piano section and the repeats, I was actually aiming for a bouncy sound and thought the decending flurry of notes sounded right. Though on other parts I guess I tried to make the piano fight too hard for the lime light.

In the future I hope to make a darker sounding song, again with pianos, hopefully work an ambient theme into it.

Later DrZ

If anyone has any preferences for music please pm me or e-mail me at drzonka@gmail.com. I do flash requests, just e-mail me the theme, the tone, and what kinda of song you will like and I will get back to you ASAP. Check out my music! -DrZ

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